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Can I RMA half a TWINX?

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1 stick of my TWINX2048-3200C2PRO is completely inert. The system won't even

POST with just that stick installed, much less run memtest86.


The other stick (yes, installed in the same slot), works fine, ran several

memtest86 passes with no problems and is keeping my system up right now.


Is there any way I can return just the 1 bad stick for replacement so my computer

can stay up? Or do I have to return both of 'em since they were sold together

as a single item? (I bought them via newegg.com back in Feb, but didn't keep

the plastic bubble package, so they don't want me to return it there :-).


Both sticks were working fine till a couple of days ago when the system locked

up and would no longer boot. Memtest86 reported thousands of errors as soon as

it started, so I tried each stick one at a time with the above results.

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Wow! Both my follow-up and the reply I was waiting on posted at exactly

6:02 PM eastern time :-).


Maybe what I should do is buy a pair of 512s wiuth the same spec so I can keep

my system running, then I'll have 3 gig once the replacements arrive (don't want

to go to 4 gig as that seems to confuse lots of operating systems :-).

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