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Stick of TWINXP2048-3200C2 bad...

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Bought this RAM along with a new comp I was building about 2-3 weeks ago. Everything ran fine, until today...


While on the computer, it crashed and then started doing the following at boot up :


Boot Block Compatible Version Ver.010

Bad BIOS Checksum. Starting BIOS Recovery...

CD-ROM found.

Reading file "A8N32SLI.Rom". Completed.

Start Erasing...

Start Programming...

Please turn off your system and power on again to get system back.


It went in this loop, so I took out one of the sticks of RAM to see if that was the problem. Once I took out the one stick of RAM, system started up fine. Stuck the RAM in, went back to the screen I stated before. So, I'm guessing the 2nd stick of RAM is bad.

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Yeah, I tried recovering the BIOS on it several times. Just got up this morning, and tried again. Removed the stick that was working, put in the bad stick, and it started asking to update again.


Scared me though this time, because after I powered it off, and put in the stick of RAM that's good, the system wouldn't read the RAM. Ended up putting the bad stick back in, letting it ask to update the BIOS, putting back in the good stick...and it worked.


So yeah, I've tried about everything...looks like it's a problem with that stick.

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Well, I sent in my 2 sticks of TWINXP2048-3200C2 about a week ago, and got a package back from Corsair today. I was happy to see it, until....


I open up the package and discover that instead of sending me back the 2 gigs of RAM that I sent them (2 gigs - 2 1 gig sticks), they instead sent me back a set of TWINXP1024-3200C2!!!! (Which is 1 gig - 2 512 sticks).


Come on guys, I'm not paying to send these back again, and you've now sent me cheaper RAM back then I had sent for. What can I do about this?

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Well, I got ahold of their customer service a sec ago, and they're going to pay to send it back to them, and send it 1 day express, so I'm happy about that. Still frustrated though to have to wait even longer for my RAM. :(
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