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Insane RMA policy


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Seems I have to make a post in the forum to be able to complete the online RMA request. The lowdown I have one stick of CMX1024-3200C2 (XMS3202v2.2) that flopped. Since it is a matched pair both will have be returned.


Since Corsair does not cross ship this means that I either have to buy more RAM to get my system up and running while I wait for the replacement, or I do without my system until the replacement is received.


Just in case I get a fifth degree in the forum. I was browsing the internet when I received a phone call. Will I was talking, my machine suddenly went BSOD. I pulled one stick of memory at a time and found the machine stayed up with one and would not boot with the other. I then ran MemTest 86 on the individual sticks. One passed the other failed immediately.


The memory has only been in service since 01-30-06 and my machine is not OC'd period. It creates enough heat at stock with all of the hardware and it took to long to get the funds to build this rig.


Okay now let us get on with this so I can get an RMA!

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