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BArtPe and Flash Voyager 1Gb


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I just bought the Voyager 1Gb and am having problems booting using Bartpe. It tells me that the operating system is not found. Now I know the process I am using works because another 1Gb flash drive does work nicely, using the exact same method.


Is the Voyager capable of booting using BartPE, or is there a utility I need to run to make it so? I have searched both this forum and the Corsair website and found nowhere to download any utilities.



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BartPe is stripped down version of XP and I must say I am dissapointed with the response. I was led to beleive the drive was "Bootable" not bootable only with DOS. With NTFS being the mainstream filesystem what good is booting to DOS? I chose a brand name USB stick hoping to avoid crappy pitfalls like this, only to find out that the cheaper no-name sticks work more reliably.


I guess our IT dept will go to another vendor for our needs

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