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SD Card error


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Last week end I went to Niagara falls with friends. It was a real fun and the same has became pitiful when my fz7 camera suddenly started showing "memory card error" now when I turn on my camera it will not allow me to anything even formatting of the card also not possible.


This was a hard joke that i have ever faced. I bought the SD card(133x2GB corsair make ) just two months back and when the right time came to use it it stopped working. and I think I am about to lose my incredible 300+ photographs due to this.


Can anybody have any idea how to retrieve the photographs from such an erroneous card? should I contact to Corsair website? will they replace my card?


Later I used one 32 MB spare card and took some photographs hence there is no problem with camera.


I will really appreaciate your reply.


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Hi ,


thanks for the reply and guidence.


Well I returned the SD card to Corsair and they replaced the same with brand new card.


Now I am not going to share my card with any other camera. :-)


Thanks to Corsair too.

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