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matched pair with unmatched sticks


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I have a matched pair twinx2048-3200 both with supported frequencies of 200Mhz, and 1 stick of cmx512-3200c2 with supported at 166, 200Mhz, and finally a cmx512-3200 with (strangely) supported 166, 166Mhz and it shows as PC-2700 166Mhz instead of PC-3200 at 200Mhz. My 2 questions are-


Is it better (more efficient, better performance) to run 2 Gb as a matched pair or run 3 Gb with one matched pair and 2 unmatched?




Why does the cmx512-3200 sho up as PC-2700?

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I am pretty sure you will get better performance with running just two DIMMs of matched memory. With even pairs you are able to run dual channel. Also, you are probably able to run at 1T with just 2 sticks. Command rate is suppose to improve performance by 2-4% and is one of the more important timing factors.
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Hi RG, the setup is as follows--


in DIMM 1 and DIMM 2 are the matched pair I just got from Newegg (1gb ea.)

xms3200 v6.1

0619133-23 this is on both modules


in DIMM 3 is xms3202v1.1



in DIMM 4 is xms3200v2.1

023632 I got both these 512 kb sticks off EBAY on

seperate auctions. and the stick in DIMM 4

is the one that shows at PC-2700

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