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RMA request Bad RAM module


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Is there any known issues with CM75DD2048R-400 in both dimm slots 1a and 1b in a Supermicro X6DH3-G2? When I turn on ECC options in the BIOS Windows freezes. I ran memtest and came up with multiple errors on the same memory address: 00025de7ad8 - 605.4mb, multiple as in double digit counts. When testing just single modules there are no errors.


I have been corresponding with Supermicro for the pass week and they have suggested trying with other memory modules, and that I might have a memory timing or bit issue. This is kind of not possible since I dont really have room in the budget to order new ram just to test. I would also like to stay with Corsair.


Is there anything you can do for me? Do I have faulty ram, or just incompatible ram? Should I RMA or do I have to buy all new ram?

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motherboard: Supermicro X6DH3-G2

memory: 2 sticks of Corsair CM75DD2048R-400

processor: Xeon 3.6ghz Irwindal



Memtest86 results:


with 2 sticks installed in first 2 dimm slots:

address error : 00025de7ad8 - 605.4 mb

count: in the double digits, multiple counts in multiple tests


with faulty stick installed first dimm slot:

address: 00012ef3e68 - 302.1 mb

count: in the double digits, multiple counts in multiple tests


other stick:

no errors


I get multiple errors on the same addresses. When ECC options are turned on in BIOS Windows reliably freezes on load up. With ECC options turned off there are no freezes, but certainly the errors are still there. Can I request a cross-shipped part? This is a new server but already about 3 weeks late on the migration due to shipping issues we had with the processors. I would like to get it running asap.




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