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Very confused....buffered ram working on s939...but


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I've a question that perhaps someone can shed some light on... I purchased 2 modules of cmx512RE-3200LL that i was using in my fx-51 setup. Against all odds, i decided to go ahead and try them in my a8v deluxe mobo with my 4400. To my surprise, this memory works flawlessly in single and dual channel. I guess my question is, are these not supposed to work on a s939 setup? If not, what have I done!?? I know that must be registered, because they also worked on my s940 setup. The reason i wanted to try, is because i was hoping that i could run 2 gb of ram on this setup. The other set of ram i have is twinx1024 3200xl. Is there any way of getting them to work together?
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