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Separate Corsair "COOL" Water Blocks


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OK, I think I've found everything I need to get a GPU block in the Nautilus cycle (I'll consider a north bridge block in the near future). What I think I need is:


1. Hose Clamps

2. 3/8" Straight Fitting (I'll get a few of these)

3. 3/8" Swiftech Vinyl Tubing (I'll get this is I need more tubing or if the GPU block doesn't come with some)

4. Arctic Silver Thermal Interface Material (I will get incase I need spare)


Anything else I may need?

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Isn't the hose 3/8" ID?

Yes, the tubing used with the Nautilus500 is 3/8" ID. You will not need the reducers if you are using the N500. The only time you would need those is to get 3/8" blocks to work with the HydroCool 200/EX unit.

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I've decided I'll get some hose clamps from my local B&Q.


Anyway, is it worth getting a GPU block now that DX10 is getting closer? Will the block fit onto new cards?




You'll have to get out your crystal ball for that one.

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In short, YES, the separate blocks contain EVERYTHING you need other than an extra bit of hose. They've got the clamps, etc, etc, etc.


And as far as I can tell, the thermal compound is nearly the same (or is the same) as Arctic Ceramique.




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