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It's not you , it's this POS Drive. I have a brand new 4Gig version of this that won't allow more than a second or two of attempted file (Large or Small) transfer to it before it fails with a delayed write failure or a file not found error as it then "Disappears" completely from my PC as a device on the USB 2.0 Bus.


This drive DOES work on a Toshiba laptop via USB 1.1 ( WHOOPEY !!! , If I wanted to work on a 5 year old laptop with only USB 1.1 , I'd be in great shape. Sadly, I ACTUALLY want to use this drive on a desktop with USB 2.0, where it then fails miserably and immediately. )


I have used various brands/ capacities of USB Drives in the past, but this is the worst Piece of **** I have come across so far. What a waste of money.


PS Don't even start with the " You need to try and format the drive again ... blah blah blah Bull**** either, because it is not that, since it works on USB 1.1 on other computers without reformatting. It should just not disappear when you try to write files to it over USB 2.0, that's all.

It seems to be completely incompatible with the USB 2.0 Controller in my PC ( Medion ) Way to compatability test these before deployment.



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I just did it on 2 other computers,



Dell laptop Inspiron 8200:


works via built in USB 1.1 port ,

Same bull**** via attempt using a PCMCIA USB 2.0/ 1394 Combo card


Second desktop pc via USB 2.0 : Crash during attempted copy, then disappears yet again


Toshiba laptop via USB 1.1 : OK

Toshiba VIA USB 2.0 : Crash , then disappear


Verdict, this IS supposed to be a USB 2.0 device, is it not?????????????????????

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Can you suggest what kind of PC this piece of junk might perhaps work with , so I can give it away to a person with that PC ? It will ABSOLUTELY not be making the cut as a useful tool for me, as I've wasted enough time on this turd already.




PS , I'll pass the word on this POS

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