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Hey everyone. I just have a simple question that hopefully someone can answer :confused:


I have this ram: CORSAIR Series XMS Model Twinx2048-3200c2pt dual channel 2 sticks of 1024mb

with my x2 4200 and a8n32-sli. i have correct the timings in the bios so they run @ 2-3-3-6


my question is then how far can i oc those sticks? i have already added 10 to cpu clock giving me 2.3ghz so memory is showing 210mhz. i ran memtest for a couple hrs approx 4 passes and no errors.

heres a pic



my multipler is locked @ 11 so i wanted to know how far do you guys think i can increase the clock? i want to get 2.4ghz or 2.5ghz eventually but will this memory be able to handle 240mhz or 250mhz?



btw if i would have known i would have purchased faster ddr memory.

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