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I currently have 2 sticks of corsair cmx512 3200 c2 xms memory and have just 3 available slots. I have just ordered cmx1024 3200 c2 to add to the remaining available slot. Is there any particular way that they have to be installed or configured? Currently the empty slot is in the middle - (k8n pro gigabyte motherboard).
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You're going to run into some problems because of the physical limitations of your memory controller.


1) You'll run three modules at a 2T command rate. This decreases memory bandwidth, but you'll have to do your own testing to see if it affects your actual performance.


2) You may default to a 166/DDR333 frequency. Should this happen, manually change it back to 200/DDR400 in the BIOS. You may also have to relax the latencies to 2.5-3-3-7 to get all three to play nicely at 200MHz.


As for installation, there should be an outline in your manual for the best way.




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