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bad CMX1024 3200c2pt


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Ive had 1 pair (2)

of Corsair CMX1024-3200c2PT's in my computer I got in Jan.


Im not an overclocker and left the bios in auto for the memory.

Well yesterday I had a melt down what turns out to be 1 of the 2 sticks of memory.


The computer was working flawlessly until yesterday morning

and boom the computer would reboot from out of no where.

and then boot up..and restart again and again.


I thought it was the hard disk and much to my misery I reformated and lost a lot of important things. Yes hindsight is 20/20. :(


Apon reinstalling XP the install would lock up over and over..

I tried it 2 different XP disks in 2 different drives..

and it would always lock up at the same file.


Talking to a techfriend he thought it was the memory and told me to take a stick out. I did, and it locked up right away. So I tried just the other stick..

and windows installed flawlessly.


I downloaded the "memtest" and tried the "good" stick..

ZERO errors.

I switched to the "accused bad stick" and instantly it was showing

error after error. Basicly the error rate seemed to be 100%.


The settings in the bios have been on auto for 5 months never an issue.

(i wish I knew enough to be couragous enough to switch things around to improve it to the recommended 2-3-3-6


The settings in "Memtest" state:





Anything else I need to do before I send this back?

Or is it pretty obvious that its the piece of memory?



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