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P5WD2-E Premium, TWIN2X2048-6400PRO Timings GOGOGO!

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Evening Gentleman, this is prior to O/C.

I need aggresive timings on my the XM2 Pro's, suggestions, tables go for it, I already set its SPD, but its time for tweaking :).


Note: I was getting alot of BSODS, while the SPD was on auto, I then changed to 4 4 4 12 4, and they stopped. Wondering if my stickies have problems? or just auto sucks? ;). Anyhow please help, er you can go technical, or as brief as you want. Later, and thanks in advance. :laughing:

Codes in Specs, if you guys want I can post a CPUZ.


I am having some problems, I can only run T1 @ 400, not 800, and If I put pc-533 it BSODs

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