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Corsair Cm2x512-5400c4 problem


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I am having memory timing problems


My M/B is Gigabyte 8N-Sli rev 1.1 bios F5


if i set to auto it set the memory wrong (5-5-5-15) so I am trying to set it manually


here are the settings


FSB Speed (QDR) 533.3Mhz

MEM Speed (DDR) 666.7Mhz


memory Timings are





T(RC)= ??? what should this be (ive set it too 2,2,4,5,6,7,12)


Still getting errors in memtest


Voltage = Normal (what ever that is) in Pc Health it shows "DDR18V OK"

I think this means 1.8V but dont know.




Thanks :)

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If you have a 533 FSB CPU the memory frequency will have to be at 400 or 533 MHz. and I would set the memory voltage to 1.9 Volts minimum, and any setting not listed should be set to Bios default or AUTO!
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