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New memory failure/incorrect


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I have a Dell Inspiron 5150 (specs indicate it will take up to 2gb). I currently have 2 x 512mb sticks in there which came with the original system (Infeon PC2700 333 200pin Sodimm).


I have bought 2 of the VS1GSDS333 sticks as they are advertised as being the right specs (PC2700 333 200pin Sodimm)) but the machine will not boot with one of both of them in.


If I leave one of the 512mb sticks in slot A and put either of the 1gb Corsair sticks into slot B, the machine boots, comes up with an error saying it cannot access <load of numbers> on memory in position <more numbers>. And then decreases the memory down to 512mb.


Have I been mis-sold the wrong memory after all. I know it's only the value stuff but I was still expecting memory of the right specs to work in the machine.

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