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First of all, I would like to say that my English not really good, so I’m sorry if it would make anyone confused by my words.


I have flash voyager 256mb for 11 months. One day, my computer could not access the file inside, could not read the specified sector.


I tried to another computer but I got the same message.


I have tried to format it under XP, Win2000, win98 and EzRecover program, but it failed.


I went to the store where I bought my flash disk, unfortunately, the store has been moved! I couldn’t get any information where they new address is.


The last alternative by sending back my flash disk to USA by completing RMA form, for me it’s not a good idea, since it would take a lot of money to send the packet. I also have financial problem now.


So, is there any phone number or address for any kind of representative of Corsair in Indonesia? Or could you tell me another idea to get my device replaced?


Thanks for your concern.

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