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problem with one of my XMS3202v1.1 chips


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I have just installed a new Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe mobo on my computer. I was having issues with my old configuration and after replacing my video card (turns out that wasn't the problem), I decided to try the mobo.


With both of my XMS3202v1.1 1024MB chips in the mobo, it failed to load the BIOS properly. The computer would turn on, and it would say that the BIOS checksum was invalid. In desperation I removed everything but the processor, ram, and video card. I still go the same error, even after a CMOS reset.


Next I removed one of my sticks of RAM and now the computer boots with no problems at all. If I put in my other stick of RAM, the computer will not boot into the BIOS and the only thing that happens is my mobo has one long continuous beep.


If I put both RAM chips into the mobo, I get the same problem again of not being able to boot past the faulty BIOS checksum message.


I would try to run a memtest on the chip, but I don't have a floppy (haven't had one in years...), and it seems like the chip itself is foobar'd.


Any suggestions?

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