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Problem k8v SE Deluxe with 3 GB Corsair


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i have a problem with my k8v SE Deluxe and 3x1 GB Modules from Corsair (Type: 3x VS1GB400C3)


At First my configuration/hardware:

Asus k8v SE Deluxe

AMD 64 3000

Latest Bios-Version 1008Beta4



Problems / Knowledge:

- with 2x1 GB VS1GB400C3 i had no probs. Now with the third Module i had sporadically "frozen Pictures" (crashes)

- The test with memtest 3.2 shows a big fault between Adress 0005a345ffe and 1443,3 MB (Bad Sequenz dfdfffff)

- but each of the single modules have no faults. A pair of modules too. Only with three modules is the fault present.

- then i saw, that the board adjust the settings by three modules to 133 Mhz (DDr266) CAS: 3-3-3-8 (Single Channel). (but with one Module less, DDR400)

- then i have read some articles and advices here, to set the auto-configuration to manual. but with no sucess. but i am not sure to set all right points.


can someone give me an advice?


thx dax

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Hi thx4support,


with your configuration is it stable and till some tests now i is stable with DDR400 too!!! I think the main problem ist the Voltage (only 2,8 V is the right value to run DDR400 with 3 GB)


My Biosconfiguration are:


2,8 V!!!!

Memclock Mode -> Limit (no auto)

Memclock to CPU Ratio 2:1 (no auto)

twr -> Auto

DDR Clock Delay -> Auto

2T Command -> Auto


Can somebody explain me the technical background for this?



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