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TwinX2048-4400PRO on P4C800 Deluxe. Bad Moduls?

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I purchased only few days again TwinX2048-4400PRO for my P4C800 Deluxe, after I checked that they are listed as compatible with my MB.


But I can't reach the FSB of 275.


My Settings

Ram-Timings: 3-4-4-8

CPU: 2,4Ghz @ 3,3 Ghz (and FSB 267 @ 3,2Ghz)

MB: ASUS P4C 800 DELUXE - BIOS 1021.005

RAM: 400 (1:1)

AGP/PCI: 66/33

Power: Antec TruePower 2.0 550WATT


VCore: 1,585 (tested also 1,6)

Vmem: 2,75 (tested also 2,85)

VAGP: 1,60 (tested also 1,70)

Watercoled: CPU & NB

Loaded also Biosdefaults and set USBLeagcay, Spread Sectrum, MIDI: off (had read this here in this forum)


After testing for many hours with Memtest86+ I found out the following (only the important tests - tested many more settings):


1.) Stable: FSB 267 (DDR534), RAM 400 (3-4-4-8) - Memtest: 3 Passes


2.) Failed: beginning FSB 268 up to 275 (DDR550), RAM 400 (3-4-4-8) - Memtest: Stops at beginning of Test 5 everytime!!!!


3.) Stabe: FSB 275 (DDR440), RAM 320 (2,5-3-3-7) - Memtest: 3 Passes


As you can see my CPU does FSB 275 @ 1,585 VCore, so I belive its not a limitation of my CPU or MB.


Are my setting not OK??? Or has my MB a Problem with those RAMs??? Or should I use an other BIOS Rev.???


Many thanks for your help!



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  • Corsair Employees
Actually the MB you have is probably just topping out, as thats about the same reseults we got with that MB. But I would test the modules one at a time to be sure. We have to screen about 60 MB's we use to get 10 that will run at that speed and we use the P4C800-E
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But I would test the modules one at a time to be sure.


Sounds to me that you wanted to test a module again, to find an working for me. May be I understand you wrong... sorry.


So there is no solution for me??? But why my MB is then listed as "recommended" for this Twin2048-4400PRO?

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  • Corsair Employees
Not every MB will be able to run these modules even if you have the same MB and CPU as we use to test, Like I said we have to screen the MB's to get a few that can run at these speeds. From what you have posted it sounds like its your MB topping out not the memory, but I would try and test your modules one at a time to be sure one is not failing.
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OK... understand you right now... sorry for my misunderstanding...


Will test both modules individually and let you know about the results...


I found out also thats NOT a Bios Rev. problem. Tested yesterday P4C800 1019 (last non Beat Rel.) and the original on CD-ROM (1011.007?)... Same behavior as with newest 1021.005 (Beta) Bios....


Do you have a hint for me which P4 Sock 478 Intel 875 Board will do FSB 275 (or more) without any Problems with TwinX2048-4400PRO Rams?

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Last week I tested both modules individually with surprising result:


If I install only one (1GB RAM) (Single channel) Memtest pass Test 5 and all other tests also with FSB 275!! This one works! :biggrin:


Tested the other Stick with the same result. It runs also with FSB 275!


But if I install again both (dual Channel) Memtest stopp at Test 5 between (3-10%) :sigh!:


This sounds for me that my MB has a Problem with the high Memorybandwith in DualChannel-Mode???!!!! Or is it possible that my MB gives not enoght VDIMM if I use the 2 RAMS???

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:-) Ramguy, do you really believe that I do not tested the voltages again and again? Please see my first post... Listet there my tries!


I tried 2,75 and 2,85 VDimm (more is without VdimmMod or OCZs Ram Booster not possible) and also VCore 1,585, 1,6 and 1,625... I dont think that VCore ist the problem because my system runs stable FSB 275 and more with 1,585 VCore and RamDivider 4:5 (320 instead of 400) in Bios....


And as I already said they do FSB275, but only in SingleMode. I know that it is normal das DualChannelRams do a bit more FSB in SingleMode than in DualChannelMode. They do so on evey MB. But my Ram dont do the FSB275 in DualChannel as specified. So I really think that the Ram is here my problem....


I am not a totally newbee in OCing! Before the TwinX4400Pro I had OCZ EL DDR PC-4400/550MHz/GoldEdition/DualChannel/LimitedEdition/1024MB....

Sold it via Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=6881102990


And this Ram runs perfectly with FSB 275! And this with "only" 2,85 VDimm (although they are specified for 2,85 - 3,15V).... Another point that my MB ist not limiting!


I really hope that there is a possibility that I can change my Sticks with working ones....


EDIT: OK - understand that u dont whant to see other ram-makers here....nevertheless....

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Thank for your reply... I ask another friend of mine. He has an up to date AMD system (with ajustable muliplier) with 100% working FSB280...


I ask him to check my RAM... But this will last about 1-2 Weeks...


If the RAM fail also on his system I use the RMA Request form you send me.... Otherwise its really my system, and I will live with my FSB 267 :sigh!:


many thanks for your help - will let u know about the results... ;):



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The first revision of that MB P4C-800 and the P4C-800-E will usually run at 275 Mhz, but like I said we go thru about 60 MB's to get 12 that will run stable.


sorry - again a short question... Do you mean that P4C800-E Rev. 1.02 runs better than Revision 2.00? Of coures not in generall - only what to hear your oppinion...

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  • 3 weeks later...
No problem and yes please do let me know!


Hey Ramguy!

As I said few weeks ago here my report: First of all: I'll keep my ram! No need of replacement...


A friend of mine tested the ram also and said that it is OK. On my system (P4C800 DLX Rev.2.0) I found out that the RAM works better with less (yes less) VDIMM and harder timings... strange but it works... Also found out that clear CMOS completely(Battery away for a minute) will help....


Here my final settings (Prime95, Blendtest, 100% stable for 6 hours):

P4C800 Deluxe Rev.2.0

P4 2,4Ghz @ 3,2Ghz with FSB267

VCore 1,585 (only)

FSB:RAM: 1:1

CASLat: 3.0

RAS/CASdel: 3

RASPre: 2

Tras: 5

VDIMM: 2,75

Watercooling on CPU and NB.


SiSandra RAM bandwidth: InALU/FloatFPU: ~6300/6300


Its incredible that these 2x1024 MB RAM will do these timmings! Well done...


Thanks again for your help!

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