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Help: Is this ram counterfiet corsair????

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Last september I bought the Corsair DDR2 2x1024 VS2GBKIT533D2 kit from NCIX. The ram is labeled corsair, and in the CPUZ Screenshot it lists the model number and SERIAL number


Yesterday, I found a very good deal on an online forum site for the exact same kit, BRAND new.


When i picked it up, everything looked fine, when i got home i noticed the pcb/ram chips are different then the par i got from ncix, infact their are no markings except for the corsair sticker, they actually look identical to the samsung DDR2 pcb/chips so i thought maybe a new mfg etc.


But in CPU, I see that the sticks recieved from NCIX Have a serial number, yet the new sticks do not. Could this be a conterfiet?



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