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XMS2/DDR2 Question


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Hey there,


Before I ask, I've previously owned a pair of Corsair XMS DDR400 ram (2Gig kit) and it was great. Now the time has come for me to upgrade and I'm itching to give DDR2 memory a shot. *going for 2G in dual channel.


Now I don't know a lot about DDR2, all that I know at the moment is that DDR2 picks up where DDR leaves off (aka faster/higher bandwidth?). The ram I was interested in is the XMS2 DDR2 1066 ram. Are the high timings nothing to worry about and would I see a notcible difference in loadtimes/flow in games ect ect? (2-3-3-6 compared to _-_-_-15)?


-Future plans are AM2 X2 3800+ or Intel Conroe Duo

-NForce 5 Board (probably by ASUS)

-(Corsair XMS2 DDR2 ram)

-WD Raptor SATA 150G

-DX10 GFX Card


Thanks in advance for any help/clarifcation offered,


Take care.

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Welcome to the forums, RGRz!


DDR2 works differently from DDR1 which makes a direct comparison of their latencies impossible to do.


However, DDR2 @ 1066/PC8500 speeds and high-latencies will be considerably faster/provide much more bandwidth than PC3200 at low-latencies.




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