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CM64SD512-2400C2H x 2


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I have 2 Corsair modules labeled CM64SD512-2400C2H. I have searched hard for any info on this memory. Apparently I have an odd duck with DDR300?


They were purchased at the same time. They work. I just have no clue what settings to use for them on my Soyo Dragon KT333 Ultra Platinum motherboard. I know these are not a perfect match for this system (purchasing error when I was young and stupid). Can anyone help me? (still stupid apparently! :laughing: )


I'm not looking to overclock, just to have stable settings other than potentially crippled SPD settings. Should I just run it as DDR266 for safety and stability? Or jump it up to 2700 speeds (the lowest settings I can find on Corsair's site) and trial it with MEMTEST?



DRAM Clock: 100, 133, or 166

DDR Voltage: 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, or 2.8


CAS: 2 or 2.5

Bank Interleave: Disabled, 2 bank, or 4 bank

Precharge to Active (Trp): 2T or 3T

Active to Precharge (Tras): 6T or 7T (no 5 for me :[pouts: )

Active to CMD (Trdc): 2T or 3T

DRAM Queue Depth: 2, 3, or 4 Level

DRAM Command Rate: 1T or 2T

AGP Fast Write: Enabled or Disabled


I know some of this depends on what the motherboard can do (for example, I know this mobo has a hard time with a 1T DRAM command rate). I'm just looking for a baseline.


Thanks in advance! Great forums here!

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I'm in tech support, too. Like you, I'm the "go to guy" in my industry (non-computer). On top of that, I'm the MIS guy for my company (maintain 30+ PCs). With that odd knowledge-base combo, I completely appreciate your timeliness and continued diligence. You have a great thing going here. I consider Corsair Memory for all my purchases PRIMARILY because I know this support is available (it's the kind of support I strive to provide!). Thanks again!


Any thoughts on the other mobo settings I mention? I'll wing it otherwise. Keep up the good work!

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  • Corsair Employees

DRAM Clock: 100, 133, or 166 Match the CPU FSB

DDR Voltage: 2.8


CAS: 2

Bank Interleave: 4 bank

Precharge to Active (Trp): 2T

Active to Precharge (Tras): 6T

Active to CMD (Trdc): 2T

DRAM Queue Depth: Bios Default

DRAM Command Rate: 1T is quicker or 2T for more stable

AGP Fast Write: Depends on Video Card but I would suggest Bios default


You can go to http://www.rojakpot.com for more details with bios settings, in their Bios optimization guide.

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