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Nautilus 500 questions.


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Hi guys I got some questions / queries before I buy a Nautilus 500.


Looking at the pictures and the reviews the unit is designed to be placed on top of the system.


However I don't have very much clearance between the top of my case and the keyboard tray of the desk (guessing about 2 inches).


How tall is the main unit?


The other options would be to either


i) put the box on top of the desk, which I guess will mean lengthening the power leads (should be simple enough ?) and buying more tubing.


How much tubing is supplied and what is the internal diameter?


ii) put it on top of my printer, next to the PC. However, the pump, radiator and reservoir unit would no longer be at the top of the system.


Would this cause an issue?


Any advice would be greatfully received.


My system specs are in my profile but in brief


DFI Lan Party NF4 Ultra D

Opteron 165 (currently at 2250)

Lian Li PC60.

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The tubing provided with the Nautilus500 is 3/8" ID tubing. There is 4 feet of tubing provided pre-attached to the water block. The power cord from the PCI bracket to the unit is 4 feet long. You would always wants the external unit to be the at the top of the water cooling loop for the resevoir to do its job.
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Thanks for the info. I had found out that the tubing was 4 feet long but was unsure about the cabling. Sounds like the ideal place is on top of my PC desk.


I ordered one from Komplett UK on Sunday and it should be here in the next few days. ;):


Just need to tidy up to make some space for it :o:

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