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hi guys


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hi guys


i got 2 DDR2 ram

1 is 256mb pc2-4200 nanya brand,single sided

1 is 1gb pc5300 corsair brand,double sided


can i put in both rams into my computer to make it run faster?

i got 4 slots.

will there be any incompatibility prob?


btw what is diff btw single sided and double sided?


in my CPUZ the reading of corsair brand ram reads single channel.

the fuwell price list is selling single channel or dual channel??


btw my computer is IBM E50,the 256mb ram is found in it.

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Welcome to the forums, terryhoho!


Your IBM/Lenovo ThinkCentre E50 has several processor and setup choices, please tell us which you are running and what FSB your processor has. If you do not know this information, you can get it from CPU-Z on the first tab of it's information pages (what I mean will be apparent if you run the program).


Also, mixing and matching memory modules is not advised because it often leads to instability. The more mis-matched the modules are, the bigger the chance of problems. Since these two modules are not only different sizes but also different speed-grades, I would not reccommend running them together in the same system.


However, if you were to install ONLY the 1GB Corsair module, that'd probably work if the module itself is compatible with your system. For that, I'll need to know the complete model name of the Corsair module!


Since you asked, single-sided modules physically contain IC's (the little black memory chips) only on one side of the PCB (printed circuit board). Functionally, it means they contain only one rank of memory whereas a double-sided module contains two ranks of memory.


Lastly, please read: What Is Dual-Channel Memory?




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