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Rma Crap!!

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Ok, this complete bull****!!!


I RMA's a "DUAL CHANNEL" kit. Both sticks were wrapped, placed in a box, and sent to the RMA address. Today I recieved my package from Corsair through UPS. I open it up, and find 1 stick of ram!! Where is my kit? "Dual Channel Kit" means 2!!!!! I called and talked to the RMA dept. and they said they only recieved 1. Bull****!!!!!! I sent them both, as in KIT!! They say the rma was for 1 stick. Well, when I buy something that's in a kit, I send the KIT back, I also stated in the request that it was a DUAL CHANNEL KIT!!


Corsair better do something to rememdy the situation!!!!!


By the way, I can prove with reciept the weight of what I sent, and the post office can prove the dimensions of what sent. So there would be no doubt or confusion.

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I contacted the RMA Dept., not customer service. Today I got this:


Hi Sam,

My apologies that you have only received one module in return from us.

Please send it back to us using the RA number below.

I have sent a new complete set to you UPS overnight you should receive

them by end of day Monday 6/5/06


Best regards,

Georgette Robinson


I truly appreciate the way they handled this, although I am out for 2 shipments to rma now, so it goes I guess



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