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latency changes @ 800mhz vs 1066mhz


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i have a dell xps generation 4.. will i see different latency timings between 800mhz fsb vs 1066mhz fsb?


i read that oem computers are stuck at jedec standard.. im just looking to clarify the above aspect of the statement


while reading that i can understand why it makes no difference using xms2 or system select because the timings wont change between the two sticks of ram


im going to be using a p4 3.0ghz (800 mhz fsb) modified to 4.0ghz (1066 mhz fsb)


i would like to know if that would have any affect on timings also


if using an overclocked cpu on this oem motherboard will unlock 3-3-3-8 on the TWIN2X1024A4300C3 sticks.. ill buy these


if the overclocked cpu will have no affect.. then im back to the thread i read where its useless on buying the performance sticks (other then resale value)


so that leaves me with system select vs value select


2gb of system select is $50 more then 2gb of value select

if system select only assures compatibility in my motherboard and offers no increase in performance compared to the value select sticks in the same setup id like to save the $50


thanks for helping me do it right the first time



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  • Corsair Employees

The Value Select and System Select modules are functionally the same. CMSS parts are built with a restricted bill of materials deemed to provide the best compatibility with OEM systems. As such, we often do not have the capability to use low cost material.

I expect that the VS part will work correctly in your system. And, of course, Corsair's lifetime warranty is in full effect if it does not. Our confidence of first pass success is highest, however, with CMSS parts.

However, I would not suggest using Value Select if you will be adding to the modules that came with your system.

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