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Hi RamGuy,


The flaky memory modules I have finally gave up the ghost, they refuse to even post. Hey, I'm a poet and didn't know it! Thanks, I'm here all week...


To recap:


I have 2 sets of 2x 512Mb XMS-4400 (a total of 4) that has been giving me problems since day one. I went out and purchased a 750W PSU and upgraded the motherboard to a DFI Lanparty Expert SLI (from an ASUS A8V) and still they were flaky and unreliable (even underclocked to 400Mhz and with relaxed timings!)


I recently replaced the modules with another 2 pairs of matched 1Gb XMS-4000 (a total of 4) and those work flawlessly; even though they're rated at only 500Mhz as opposed to the 550Mhz of the 512Mb modules.


So as now the original XMS-4400's refuse to post and since I have replaced the memory, I can send them off for replacement, without any downtime.


BTW: I have also tried them one-by-one in an Intel Canterwood based machine (which I have been told has a more relaxed memory controller) and 2 of them fail to post in there, with 1 failing memtest at 400Mhz @ 3-4-4-8, and the final one appearing to work OK at reduced speed.


All inall, I wish to send back all four of these modules to get them tested/replaced, so this is basically asking for an RMA number and an address to send them to.


Edit: I forgot to add all the numbers and stuff from both sets that you'll probably need...


TWINX 1024-4400C25

Lot #0507070-1




TWINX 1024-4400C25

Lot #0507070-1




Thanks in advance,



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