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Flash voyagers go for a swim!


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Well it wasn't my fault that I left my two drives in my trouser pocket. My wife has been asked to accept full responsibility for ruining my 256Mb and 512Mb USB memory. I was furious and couldn't see the funny side to it; she just kept laughing. Now I am smiling too, because they have both come back to life! Corsair...I am very impressed.

After a 60 deg wash in bio detergent with 1200 spin (not forgeting the fabric softener) lasting for at least 90 mins, the little darlings are still working with the data still in tact.

I knew there was a reason for not buying the cheapest around. I realise they are guaranteed, but to still work after enduring such adverse conditions is phenomenal. Guess what make I shall be buying when I next purchase some more?

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