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Need your expertise Cooling Gurus


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Need help cooling gurus. :confused:


Currently I have a corsail cool for my Intel D 805 system. The corsail cool kit has a single 120mm rad.



I'm currently adding a dual 120mm rad (internally mounted) for my CM stacker.


i have 2 questions:


1. how should i arrange my loop now that i have 2 rads?


2. If i add a GPU waterblock, what loop arrangement work best?

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i'd add a second fan of push/pull air to current rad set-up if not worried of sound levels, as for res>pump>rad>cpu>rad>gpu(if add put second rad here)


here is a sample multiple WB's, not to worry of the cool pump can handle 2 wb's.


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thanks KaptCrunch!


I like the push/pull idea for my external BIP.


Actually, I find the original panaflo fan a little loud (67cfm@30db) so I'll use 2 120mm fan in a push/pull config at (50cfm@25db each) for a total of 100cfm.


It should work better right?


As for my loop, i'll use res, pump, cpu, BIP2, gpu (optional), BIP1.


Is my logic right, i'm doing CPU to BIP2 rather than CPU to BIP because CPUs get hotter?

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