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a8n32 xms 3200c2 2x512 what is trrd? plz


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HI ,


I have A8N32 SLI Deluxe with x2 3800+ with xms 3200c2 2x 512

im newish to RAM config in bios and would appreciate some help

I have been looking around trying to figure it out myself but i have reached this point.


my current settings (not default)

cas latency cl 2.5

TRAS 6 clk

TRP 3 clk

TRCD 3 clk

TRRD auto ????? 3t or 2T

TRC 12t

TRFC 14t



I dont know what TRRD is or what i should put there or if the settings

are ok these arent default ive tried to work out what they should be this is what I have come up with


and any other bios setting tips for the a8n32 sli deluxe would be appreciated

or a guide/helpfile/site to understanding a8n32 bios


Thank You In Advance for your Time and Help I Really Really Appreciate this

May a Thousand Monkeys Peel your Banana of Life

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Load setup defaults and set the CPU Frequency set manually and disable legacy USB then just set the settings listed in my signature, with the memory Voltage set to 2.75 Volts and any setting not listed should be left at Bios default.
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