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New Cap For USB Drive

Chuck B

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I am very pleased with my CMFUSB2.0-4GB drive, but I have a problem with the cap falling off and getting lost. If you were to modify the cap as illustrated in the picture I could use a rubber band to attach the two pieces.

If you already make an attachable cap how do I get one?


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I have to agree with Chuck B (I'm not him, though the usernames are similar) that Corsair could have an absolutely unbeatable product if they'd redesign the cap to prevent accidental loss. i.e. invent a way to secure the cap when off the drive as Chuck B's picture indicates. I think most folks, as I did, lose the cap when using the lanyard to transport the drive around one's neck.


Yes, Corsair is good about mailing replacement caps - which are subject to loss like the original. I've lost and had mine replaced. Many of your competition's USB flash drives now come with retractable USB connectors which make them appealing. The Voyager is a great drive but the cap loss problem makes it problematic. Solve this problem please.

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