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XMS3200XLPT 512MBx2 a lot of error in memtest86

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Actually this is replaced by Corsair last August. At that time, I had to use computer in a hurry, so I ordered another memory and this replacement was in safe place. That means it is new and never used.


I recently upgraded my system and I went to nForce3 motherboard due to AGP card. So I installed this corsair memory into my new system. Then? What the hack? System was really unstable. A lot of error during memtest and Sandra. So I finally sent this motherboard to manufacture, DFI. A week later, they sent it back to me and it was not the motherboard problem. It was memory problem.


This memory was rated 2-2-2-5 @ DDR400. Well.... it works at 2T, not 1T. My old system was nForce2 and this board did not support 1T. So I had no problem. New Athlon64 or Opteron support 1T.. At 1T command, not only 2-2-2-5 DDR400, but also more relaxed timing don't work.


Don't tell me this memory is not designed for 2T. I tested my friend's Corsair Value memory and it works at 1T with 2.5-3-3-8 DDR400. Value memory is cheap and my XMS memory is more expensive. What did I pay for?


During memtest86, I got more than few hundreds~tousands error. Also Sandra memory bandwith test, system restarted.


I need RMA this memory. Don't let me test other componants... I'm definitely sure this is memory problem and even DFI told me about this. I don't think XMS is worse than Value Serise....


My memory module is;

XMS3208 v1.2 (CMS512-3200XLPT x2)

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Yes, it works at 2T but does not work at 1T..!!!


Voltage?.... I tested at 2.6v~2.8v but nothing was helpful. Even relaxed timing(2.5-3-3-10) wasn't helpful. 2.5-3-3-10 1T at 200MHz did not work.


Don't tell me this is my motherboard or CPU memory controller problem. I tested with several memory modules...


You cannot say Corsair Value RAM perform better than XMS 3200XL, can you? I have different module, AMPO... It is unknown brand and even cheaper than Corsair Value RAM. This memory can do at 2-2-2-6-1T@2.7v!!!!


I paid extra for XMS whice perform worse than Value serise?

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I have no problem replacing your modules but "Command Rate" is not really a memory setting and would be dependant on the make and model of MB and PSU and the specific CPU you have installed. You might look this setting up on http://www.rojakpot.com and get a better explanation. And I would test the modules one at a time to make sure one is not failing. if you do find one failing then please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace them or it.
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I tested this memory. When I tested each memory module, I had no problem. However, I had a lot of problems when I put both memory modules together.


I changed RAM slot. And raised voltage to 2.8v. problem disapeared. Even though memory produced no problem at memtest86(over 100+ tests), system crashed during sandra 2007 burn in computer momery bandwidth test.


I ordered another S939 board. Let me test with this board. This might be some kind of compatibility problem of my memory and board. My another cheap AMPO memory can do 2-2-2-5-1T @ 2.6v!!! This Corsair XMS can to same thing at 2.8v.... But it could do 2-2-2-5 @ 2.6v with nForce2. Well, there was no 1T/2T selection in nForce2 board and it was always running 2T according to Sandra.


I'll post another result after test this memory with other S939 board.


By the way, What is this XMS3200XLPT-512MBx2 memory module's rated spec? I mean, voltage and other detailed latency.

I think my DFI nF3 ultra-D motherboard is very picky and extreamely sensitible.


PS : I have 4 PSUs. 360W Silverstone, 550W Ultra, 500W Works, 500W Just PC. Same problem occured. So it isn't PSU related problem.

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