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A8V Deluxe doesn't boot up with VS1GB400C3


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First I want to apologize for my english... I'm brazilian, so please be patient...:roll:


I'm using two modules of this Corsair Value Select 1 GB ram ddr3200, model VS1GB400C3 in a asus A8V DELUXE.


Yesterday I had to pull off a module and when I got it back my PC just didn't boot up anymore! I put it off again and got back to see if that was just a problem with contact or something, but it didn't boot up either...


Well, after a few attempts I just gave up, putted the modules one more time, closed my pc case and I tried just one more time... Just in case, you know... And it worked!!! Then I could normaly use my pc, no more boot problems, etc...


What was that then??


Thanks in advance


Felix - Brazil

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