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Twinx 2x256Mb XMS3200LLPT - address error


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Hallo, I Luca from Italy. :biggrin:


I got these modules: Twinx 2x256Mb XMS3200LLPT (not listed on the Tech Support Express) on a ASROCK 939DUAL-SATA2, ULi M1695 with a Venice 3000+... tried them also in single channel and on different slots.


I tried many timings, (also defaults: 2-3-2-6 1T@200mhz)


I run goldenmemory 6.64 and it failed the test.


I run memtest 1.65 and all the errors were at the same address:




An example of the error is:

ffffffdf instead of ffffffff (00000020) on thest n°2


Errors came in nearly all the tests (not on test number 5) and at the end were more than 100.


Is there a way to avoid the modules to use that particular address so that it won't cause problems? Since it is just a 0.1Mb ruined I would prefer not to send the modules to RMA...


Thx, Luca.

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tried also 2T but same error in same place...

mobo only allows two dimm voltages: normal and high... tried both but always same result...


Prime95 and superPi are running fine (just tested for one hour)... I think that it doesn't cause sensible instability in windows but I would prefer to deny access to that address if possible... anybody knows a program capable of doing this?



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Please disable legacy USB and see if that error is gone! But if its passing Prime then its probably not a real error.



legacy USB is disabled by default unfortunately...


prime running ok.... if it works fine I'm ok!! :p:

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