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Flash media card and choppy AVI movies


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I recently purchased a Corsair 2GB 133x SD flash media card (CMFSD133-2GB) for a Canon SD200 3.2 megapixel camera.


The Canon SD200 was purchased around December 2004.


I inserted the card into the camera and formatted the card in the camera.


The card seems to record and play back movies and pictures very quickly and I was quite impressed with it's speed, size and value.


However, while avi movies made with the old Sandisk Ultra 256MB card were recorded with no glitches movies made with the new Corsair 2GB 133x card have occasional glitches in the bottom half of the screen.


The glitches usually appear as mostly black flashes on the bottom third to half of the movie frame. Sometimes the flashes are a pale yellow or pale red.


They usually don't start until about 20 or so seconds into a movie and an entire 2 minute movie might have about 7 glitches/flashes in it.


The glitches are always in the same location of the movie no matter how many times I play back the movie.


Any idea on why switching to the Corsair 133x 2GB would cause these effects?


Thanks for any insights.



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I would check with Canon for the latest firmware and see if that will solve that issue. Other wise I would check the flash card in a desktop system to be sure it's working properly.
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