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USB Flash Voyager 512 Mb not work


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Hi, please excuse my bad english.

I have a USB Flash Voyager 512 Mb, and was fantastic, but when i copy some data in one computer, and go to another, Windows say me that the unit need to be formated. I tried in 4 machines (2WinXPSP2 & 2 Win2kSP4) with the same result.


Later, in home, in my computer WinXPSP2, is the same. I tried to format with EzRecover_Corsair_49140.zip (installed blabla), and the program or not recognize the usb, or the program show me that my unit is 1048560 MB :confused:


I unplug and plug many times (using clear hardware surely), and then format with this value, and the program crash. I restart many times my machine and finally, the EzRecover show me 512 Mb, then i accept and the program show:

"No se pudo configurar la escritura" -> The writing could not be formed :(:


I restart my machine, i tried to format with windows and at 99% the message say Windows could not complete the format :(:


Please help me !!!


The data are not important because, I have a backup copy and the changes can be reconstructed


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