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I have the same mobo but am using TWINXP1024-3200C2. This is Corsair recommended RAM for my mobo, though Asus does not list it in their manual.


I too am having problems that appear to be memory related.

- BF2 will close unexpectedly.

- Four times in the past month I have booted and only one of the DIMMs were detected, showing single channel 512M instead of dual channel 1024M. I open the case and see that the DIMM LEDs for one of the modules are off. I re-seat the DIMMs (after powering off) and all is good again.

- I ran MemTest86+ and I get hundreds of errors. I've tried testing single DIMMs one at a time (in slot B1), both error at the same point and with what looks like the same mem location. If I let Memtest continue to run it will always end in "unexpected interrupt".

- I install the DIMMs into my second PC (P4 3GHz) and run the same MemTest... no errors after 3 passes. Memtest recognizes the RAM as 2.5-3-3-6, but maybe that is the modules identifying themselves.


I was manually setting BIOS mem settings to match RAM (v2.75; 2.5-3-3-6). All other settings on Auto.

I will try turning down the voltage and letting the BIOS set the mem speed (auto).


Any other suggestions?

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