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corsair flash drive(usb black 512mb)


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Thats becuase "Plug and Pray," was an evolving service/feature over the life of the windows product line up until WinXP.


For Win98SE, you may need actual drivers. If you have an Intel chipset, you may need the intel_inf drivers to be installed to make use of the USB functionality. Other chipsets like Via also have drivers to enable or further optimize USB support and performance.

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I have the same flash drive and I'm trying to use it to back stuff up on my Windows2000 machine.


Please go easy on me, I'm a newbie and computer-illiterate.


I think it's installed correctly, it shows up in the device manager as a USB mass storage device and there is also a Generic Storage Volume in there. Are they the same thing? In the My Computer window there is a Removable Disk [E:], is that the flash drive? If it is, then I can't copy and paste files onto it, it gives me an error:


Cannot copy [filename]: Cannot find the specified file.


Am I doing something stupid, as usual?

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