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Bad TWIN2X2048-5400C4 ??

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Hello Guys,

I have 2GB of Corsair memory TWIN2X2048-5400C4 in my Dell Precision 380 with Pentium D 930.

I have the memory for approx 3-4 months but I did not use that machine a lot until recently.

The memory seemed to work fine but for the past 1-2 weeks, my machine reboots or shuts down randomly. It started doing it once in 3 days and now is doing it twice daily. I did not install new hardware and I reinstalled Windows XP Pro from scratch, to make sure is not a software issue.

Last night I run MemCheck tests and the memory failed.


Before anybody even asks => This is a Dell machine so it cannot be overclocked, and even if I could I would not do it.


If anybody could give me a hint on what could be wrong I appreciate it. I'm thinking that the memory needs to be replaced.



Best regards



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I am sorry but these modules have a minimum suggested voltage of 1.9 Volts, and most OEM systems will not let you adjust the bios settings. Please look up your system on our memory configurator and use the correct module for your system and just find another use for these modules.
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Is this right ?????

The memory is not bad ??

I use the same memory in my Dell Dimension 9100 without problems. I also use it in my Shuttle XPC. I will take it out and try it to see if it works in the Shuttle.

Also I don't really understand why it was working until lately ?? If it was the wrong kind I should have seen it before, No????

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