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Help! 512mb Cmx512-4000pro 256mb???

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I purchased some CMX512-4000PRO, I have tried it on my Asrock P4VT8 & P4VT8+ and also on a K7NCR18D-PRO


The problem I am having is the module is showing as 256mb not the 512mb.


I have no idea what the problem is, I tested it with DOCMEM on the P4VT8 & P4VT8+ it passes the test with no errors.


On the K7NCR18D-PRO it shows errors but the module will show the full 512MB


I am totally confused, I have tested 4 other sticks of ram and they are all working perfectly.


I have tried all editing the ram setting in my bios (very few) but still no change???? :(:

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