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Help with memory choice for Asus p4pe800


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I was looking for a small and inexpensive upgrade so I decided to condense my two pc's into one and buy a 'new' motherboard. I have the following memory modules (listed below) and thought since I was limited to 1 gig on my previous motherboards that if I bought a new motherboard I would be able to use them together. But Asus support said I wont and that I will loose performance since they are not matched pairs. Thoughts?


1 - CMX512-3200C2PT

1 - CMX512-3000C2PT

1 - CMX512-2700C2PT


I’m confused if I wont be able to use these all at once or I just wont be able to take advantage of dual channel. If I am able to use them but as single channel the question is what would be faster, 1.5 gig of memory as single channel or buy a matched DIMM for the 3200 and run 1gig as dual channel.


Thoughts? Thanks.

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You actually face more than 1 obstacle. Most newer MOBOs are not going to run that combination of memory. Also, your chances of success diminish if you mix ICs and, the memory you have is almost certainly not made with the same ICs. Also, if you try to buy a new DIMM to match your PC3200, it may not work, again due to mixing ICs. You would need to make sure you buy a new DIMM that is the EXACT same revision and part number. This is VERY hard to do.


Currently, a 2 x 512mb kit of Value Select is less than $100. XMS is not much more and many 2gb kits are very reasonably priced. You might be best served to put all your current memory on eBay or similiar, and then buy new memory that is matched and tested to work in the MOBO you buy.


Mike .

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