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Hello guys,


I'm a potential customer who wants to buy several (hundreds) of your 4 gig usb flash drives; I wanted to know more about your products and looked in your support forum.


It occured to me that the majority of the broken drives are the 4 gig ones. It is good to see that you're fast in replacing them however I do not see any feed-back from you when you actually got those broken drives. Are they actually faulty or was the customer not attentive when working with them?


Pleas note that my buying decision WILL be based upon your answers.


Thank you for your time.

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  • Corsair Employees

First thing, you have to remember this is a support forum and most people who come here do so because they need help. Second thing the Flash drives have been very successful for us and we sell about 1 million of them a month. So what you see here you have to take with a grain of salt and consider the volume we sell!


The 4 Gig drives do not have a higher failure rate than other drives; just they are more in demand. And many of the older devices may have trouble seeing them. Our return rate is less than ½ of one percent on average and our flash drives fall way bellow the average.


If you buy any 4 gig drive I would suggest you have the users format them with fat32 before they use them and that should prevent most problems especially if you are using no Windows O.S.

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