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Hello everyone,


My System:


Amd Athlon64 Fx-53 939

2GB aka 4 modules of CMX512-4400 550 Mhz


Now I have Asus A8V Deluxe and have decided to change my MB. What MB would work best with my ram mentioned above and give me the 550 mhz speed and would function in its full glory without any problems ? I am looking for the best motherboard out there that would support my CPU as well as 2GB OF xms4400.


Thanks and awaiting in anticipation.

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I do not know of any MB will run with 4 modules at 275 MHz! I would suggest reading some of the reviews for the MB's you are interested in, you might get close to 250 MHz. I am sorry I cannot suggest one MB over another as it causes a conflict of interest for me.
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