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RMA: 1 defective in set of XMS TWINX 2048-3200

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Just built new system, consisting of Asus A8N-VM-CSM, AMD 3800+ X2 cpu, Zalman 7000B cpu cooler,EVga 7600gt., For memory I chose a nice set of XMS TwinX 2048-3200.


The system is running at all standard defaults fsb, voltages, etc. for the installed components. (I prefer my systems stable and quiet) All XP patches applied, running latest stable version of Nvidia chipset/video drivers and so on.


I was able to install XP and get the system going initially, but after that the system began crashing pretty well consistantly seconds after booting. Stop errorw, IRQ LESS THAN EQUAL TO ZEROs, etc.


I figured it was most likely some flaky installed software causing the grief and was going to reinstall the OS since it was a new build, and didn't have much to lose. XP Setup crashed repeatedly when trying to reinstall the OS.


I then decided to boot memtest86 and immediately saw LOTS of red, errors were racking up into the thousands in a short period of time. I swapped ram to the other two banks, same errors in Memtest.


I then removed 1 stick, NO errors. Swapped this stick throughout all banks/slots - No errors. Then I swapped sticks, removing the stick that passed Memtest with the other, previously removed stick. Immediatly the errors began racking up. Swapped this stick throught the slots/banks and consistantly failed Memtest. The system is currently humming along fine with the single 1gb of working RAM.


So with all that, I can say that I have 1 defective stick out of this set of memory and would like to RMA this stick, if not the pair.



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