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Broken Ram: cmx512 - 3200xl


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I purchased 1 gig of corsair ram about 1 year ago from http://www.gamedude.com.au


Due to them being the biggest bunch of ripp off wankers out, they told me i had to pay them $50 to send my ram to corsair due to not retaining my 2 year old docket. However i do have the original packaging of the ram still with their writing on it.


The ram:


It is corsair 2x cmx512 - 3200xl twinX.(hope that is the right code). Basically tried to start my pc and it no long would. Went to my Computer technicians house, he had a look and said that the motherboard was gone, after replacing that we found that the ram had died aswell.



Hope this is all filled in correctly.



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