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a pair of CMX512-3200C2

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I think I got a pair of chips where one of them went bad and the other is still working (hopefully).


The other day I was working on some projects and my system decided to take a spill and reboot on its own. I thought it was a windows error until I got bombarded with a slew of bluescreen errors and one of them being Memory_Management STOP error.


After alot of trial and error in the past 48 hours I found out that my harddrive wasn't the culprit. I did a scandisk with both ram modules in it and the harddrive reported to be full of bad sectors..... However when I decided to backup all my files, I decided to do another scandisk that would flag and fix the bad sectors. Next step I did a zero out and after that I cloned my HD with another partition that worked in my system. The cloning process worked, but boot up would lock after POST.


My pair of CMX512-3200C2 worked fine in the memtest86 tests. I ran all 12 tests @ 40 passes that took 8 hours.


So I left the chip that I suspected to be bad in my comptuer and proceeded to boot. It would lock in the bios, after POST, or reboot my computer when I got to windows login. All this was tested by switching memory banks.


Now with the other chip in my pack of 2 chips, it booted fine and I was even able to get into windows to play some counterstrike to release my anger~~~.


So with all this tests in the past 72 hours I think I have a bad CMX512-3200C2 chip that needs to be replaced.... What do you think??? Anyone?? please help :( I hate dealing with computer problems but oh well, we gotta live and learn.


I might add that these chips came from a package of two being the TWINX1024-3200C2.


The chip that's not working is CMX512-3200C2 XMS3202v5.1 0530108-1

dunno wut those numbers mean but that might help. Think I can get RMA replacement for faulty mem sticks?

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