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Memory problems?

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I recently tested my memory with memtest86+. It boot up from the cd and started doing his job. After the tests finished it was ok, no errors, but when i selected option Bios-All hundreds and hundreds of errors started to come. Is my memory defective or what? I must mention that I`m having lots of crashes with my computer, the BSOD infinte loop.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

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Here are my specs: Barton 2600+, FSB 166, Gigabyte GA-7VT880-L

First memory is: VS512MB400/ Lot#0439050-0

Second sticj is: VS512MB400/Lot#0328872

The 2 sticks are different, in fact the last stick is seen like Xerox memory with any program and has different timings too.

I`ve tested every stick in turn and I got lots of errors in that test Bios-All.

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