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TwinX2048-3200C2 problems


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Well i have the twinx 2048 c2 modules and i have read about those here i guess that even this product uses different chips reflected by the pn# etc. But the main problem is that a huge lot of customers buy their rams online and almost no vendor gives more than the brand and type of the ram but no detailed info about the partnumbers until you actually see those sticks. This is a problem of the vendors (some very specialized vendors, and pricey too could act better sure) But if the differences of the ICs would be clearly stated in the product ID like the opening poster asked for it would be far easier for vendors to catalogue this and remarket them as for what they are.. modules with the same basic spec but different chips. At least if some seller would be a official corsair reseller he should meet the standards of displaying the most detailed information about what kind of corsair modules the money is paid for, this should be enforced by corsair as part of gaining the official corsair distributor flag. Or do corsair already do enforce such a process?


(my background is that im absolutely unhappy with my corsair c2s on my DFI 939 Lanparty Ultra D, concerning timing settings (horrible for someone who never had to bother bout that) and even stock setting problems.I recall that i have infineon chips??? could that be (cant remember right now) and my ram is plugged in so i cant read the pn at the moment ^^)So i thought i would get TCCD or whatever its called instead i got cheapo infis which hardly go over 220 mhz.


Another problem is that although it seems to be accepted that the 250GB of DFI is the quite similar to the Ultra D (rev AB0) the complete AGP line ultra D 939 series is not listed in the memory module checker at corsair. Only the 250GB is listed (which is significantly older than the newer Ultra D and has quite some differences to it too. Even inside the ultra D product line the 3 existing revs have differences. So like i stated months ago it would be great to complete the compatiblity list with all DFI actual on market boards ) TWINX2048-3200C2 DDR-400 (XMS-3200C2) 2GB kit (2 x 1GB) 2-3-3-6 is recommend for the 250GB and is the ram i bought, but will not be detected as 2-3-3-6 by auto SPD readings and also on amd cas should be 2.5 no. I am confused a little. I had to go through big hazzle including having to use beta bios 8/24 to even get my rig to post and i am still suffering from random reboots which i cannot seem to find the cause. Prime and memtest x86 didnt show me any errrors but all other components are running at stock speed plus my enermax 500 liberty is well up to par and also less than 4 months old.

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry that you are not happy with our memory, but let’s try to answer some of your questions you have posted.

If you have a XMS module that ends with a "C2" designation the SPD will be set to JEDEC defined values for the IC used to make that specific part and the tested settings would need to be manually set!

Which is published in XMS Qualification and Testing; as well as the make and model of MB that we use to test the modules and the tested settings. With regards to your specific MB, I am sorry that your MB is not specifically listed, but please understand; there are literally hundreds of MB's on the market and trying to list every model of MB and the odd variants would be close to impossible. But this MB is indeed listed (You searched for the DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D), is that not the MB you have?

Search from our memory configurator. We may sometimes not list odd variants, but we will almost in every case list the make and model of that specific line of MB's

The tested settings for your modules would be DDR400 at CAS 2-3-3-6 will they run at pass http://www.memtest.org at these settings? If so then they are running as advertised. If you wanted to over clock beyond this you maybe want to consider our XMS4000 or XMS4400 modules as they are tested to a higher frequency.

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