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Corsair VSG1GB667D2 vs. ASUS P5LD2


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Hi. I have read in the P5LD2 manual that the mainboard is not compatible with Memory Module with 16 chips, but in the memory compatibility list a lot of 16 chip module are present.

So do you know if the VSG1G667D2 can be mounted on the P5LD2?



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According to the RAM selector http://www.corsairmemory.com/corsair/configurator_search_results.html

I can use the 667D2 on the P5LD2.

So, before your answer, I have bought the only available RAM that was indeed the VSG1G667D2 x2 kit and mounted on the board.

Windows appears to work, but I experience strange behaviours, such as corrupted downloaded files.

May I try to set the RAM in the BIOS as 533 MHz?

Should I tweak with the RAM supply voltage?

I want a super-stable machine for work, not a sometimes crashing one for gamer...

Please help me.


regards, Stefano

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I believe you'll have the stock option of running DDR2-600 with an 800FSB processor. The support for DDR2-667 memory is only for 1066FSB processors or overclocked 800FSB processors.


However, I'd suggest you try running a little more voltage with these modules (1.8-1.9 volts) and run Memtest86+ to check for memory errors.




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